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How to save your image from being stolen?

March 19th, 2010

In one of the projects (in PHP)  we are working on, the client has a requirement that logo image should not be downloaded to “Temporary Internet Files” folder so that it can not be stolen. Although i gave him the suggestion that  i can even do that using photoshop. After doing lot of research we boiled down to two options

1) Manage it from .htaccess file but this works only in case you want to prevent hot linking to your site images where you can easily check that if the image request in not coming from your domain, forward it to a forbidden page

2) Create a transparent image with the actual image being taken as the background image. Thus when a user try to save it it saves the transparent image but not the actual image in the background. This technique works best with the actual image not been saved to  “Temporary Internet Files” folder. Keep in mind while using this technique save the images as PNG