about us


At Usha Informatique, software development company based out of India, we are driven by our passion for SPEED and EFFICIENCY to deliver high quality services and products. We also critically take into account cost-competitiveness in the market so as to enable our customer's stay at the forefront of their industry.

At Usha Informatique, you can find a right combination of technical excellence, outstanding design, effective strategy and the results are pretty impressive, to serve clients across the globe. We utilizes both continued technical and intellectual education to enhance each project that is brought to Usha Informatique that stands our clients into the world of technology with a solid reputation. Our knowledge and experience in Software and Web solutions have greatly boosted our clients in business augmentation. We specialize in delivering cost-effective software/web solutions by implementing an offshore development model. We have a dedicated team of software professionals to bring quality products to the clients.


We value our clients

At Usha Informatique, we are concerned with total customer satisfaction and try to meet and exceed customer satisfaction. We try to digitize our client's dreams and make them a reality. With our Remote Project Management methodology, which makes the physical distance inconsequential, and the time zone difference actually an advantage.

We believe in quality

Attempting to provide world class services, we always strive to provide you with quality work. Excellent and consistent quality at low cost is what drives outsourcing business. Our approach has been always customer and market communication centric.

We value our people

People are the key resources in any service industry. Winning solutions requires the domain expertise of techno-professionals from various disciplines which includes: Technical Specialists, Graphic Designer, Information Architects, Copy Writers, Creative Writers, Marketing Specialists, SEO Specialists, Industry Specific Specialist and Advisors.